Caravan Servicing in the Worcestershire Area

Caravan and Trailer repairs, servicing, and maintenance.

UK Wide Cover

In conjunction with the MCEA (Mobile Caravan Engineers Association), we can offer you emergency breakdown repairs anywhere in the UK.

Join CLUBMCEA and receive a range of benefits, including unlimited discounted call outs on holiday. The subscription is absolutely free with you only paying if you need the service and you call an engineer. The charge is not an annual fee or a monthly fee, it's only for when you use it. We don't believe in paying for things when we don't need them and we don't think you should have to do the same either.

As a CLUBMCEA member, you get access to UK wide specialists and our regular newsletter featuring special offers, caravanning events, and reviews and advice from our team of professionals.


Q. What's the catch?
No catch. This service is entirely free to join and you only pay when you need to.

Q. What we do with your details?
We will not pass your details to anyone outside of the MCEA. We will only contact you with club offers and news of interest.

Q. How much does it cost?
There are no additions to the costs charged from the engineer, for example the MCEA charges nothing for this service.

Q. What will I get from you?
We will email you a regular newsletter with details of offers relating to caravans such as awnings, BBQ’s, trackers, motor movers, discount services. The newsletter will contain site reviews and technical tips from our professional experts.

Q. How can this be free to join
As a group of caravan service companies we simply want you to purchase services for their own merits. We are not an insurance company selling an annual subscription on which only a few customers claim. We do not need or wish to take money from you for nothing.

Q. Are there other benefits
We hope to always bring you something worthwhile. For example, our great motor movers have an extended warranty for club MCEA members whilst it is fitted to your caravan. 7 years warranty!

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