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Self-Service Tips

Listed here are a few things that you can do to keep your caravan in good order.


  • Use your blinds, but only when you are using the caravan, otherwise draw the curtains. Why, well if you leave your blinds down when the caravan is not in use, then you are maintaining pressure on the blind springs which will shorten their life and mean that sooner or later your blinds will cease to work effectively.
  • Battery

  • Caravan Chargers don't charge a battery to full capacity. If your battery charge on your control panel in your caravan shows a full charge it may not last as long as you think it will.
  • To achieve the full capacity of a leisure battery, remove it from the caravan and give it a periodic trickle charge using an ordinary car battery charger. Trickle charging is better for leisure battery than a high current charge. In that way you will gain more life from your battery.
  • Don't be afraid to use your battery even when you can see your lights are dimming. It's always better to charge a battery from nothing than with a bit of charge in it.
  • Tyres

  • Visually inspect them regularly for cuts and wear.
  • While slightly difficult, check the inner wall for abrasions and weaknesses.
  • A full service inspection will cover this and minimise any possible chance of a tyre blow out.
  • Check your tyre pressures before setting out. Check your Caravan's model handbook for the correct pressures.
  • Many people do not realise that it is permeation (air seeping through rubber in hot weather), more than the vehicle bouncing around on the road that causes tyres to lose air.
  • Look at your tyres for the manufacture date. This is shown in a semi circle pattern containing 4 numbers. It is not immediately obvious but is an easy check after the initial location to see if your tyres are out of date. There will be four numbers, say 1704, in a semicircle pattern on the tyre. This means that the tyre was manufactured in the 17th week of 2004. While tyre makes vary on reliability, it is generally considered good practice to not let them reach their fifth birthday, seven years being a general maximum.


  • Frost preparation is extremely important. Get ready for cold snaps by ensuring that your toilet holding tank, your water heater and indeed the whole system is fully drained down.
  • You should always ensure it is drained down when you are not using it for some time anyway. Remember to leave your taps open as well, this aids drain down and if any water is left in the system freezes then at least with your taps open the likelyhood of split pipes becomes less.
  • Cleaning

  • If the caravan has been stored near or under trees, it will be quite difficult to get the stains off if you leave it to long. Take care if you are using a high pressure hose, damage can easily be caused by these appliances.
  • Make sure to check joints, rails, and seams. If the sealant is damaged, water ingress is compromised.
  • Most car cleaning products do equally well on caravans and you should find that the product you probably already have for cleaning the car will do the job.
  • Caravan covers are a good investment if your van is exposed to the elements all year round, as most are. It will help keep it clean, you can still gain access to your outfit if you get the right design, and most covers should be straight forward to fit.
  • Towing

  • You should check the condition of the 12N/12S or 13 pin plugs and sockets both on your car and your caravan. Damp can get inside them causing the contacts inside both the plugs and sockets to corrode over time. A bit of wd40 and lightly abrasive cloth or a fine sandpaper can clear this up.
  • Sanitation - It is not the best job in the world is it?.

  • Before you put the cassette holding tank back in the housing and after you have emptied the toilet, get a piece of kitchen roll or tissue paper and use it to smear some olive oil over the rubber seal on the top of the cassette holding tank. Don't use anything abrasive as this will cause damage to this seal. This will prevent the blade from ineffectual operation, both in terms of a good seal and a smooth action. Whilst the cassette is out you could check the blade as well and possibly give that a smear as well before re inserting the cassette.
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