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Forest Caravan Services

About Us

Forest Caravan Services is based in Alveley, South Shropshire, just on the border of Worcestershire and Shropshire. Our Mobile Caravan Service and repair operation covers a 20 mile radius.

We understand the importance of keeping your caravan correctly serviced and in good repair. Recent reports (Independent) have shown that police spot checks are becoming increasingly more commonplace and roughly 70% of caravans inspected fail their examinations.

As with all habitations each one had its own particular peculiarities and demands. All of them required some attention at some time or another. Just as a house requires ongoing maintenance to keep everything running smoothly, so does the caravan.

Forest Caravan Services

What Do We Do?
We provide a variety of services ranging from a full caravan service to winter layups to installing motor movers to entire habitation checks. Anything you need to fully enjoy your caravan.

What can I do?
We understand the importance of regular professional servicing but there are many small things that you can do to keep your caravan in top shape. We have compiled a list that can be found here.

In what areas do you operate?
We operate in a twenty mile radius of Alveley with more distant calls needing to be booked in advance or by using our affiliated MCEA program.

I am outside your operation area. What should I do?
In conjunction with the MCEA (Mobile Caravan Engineers Association) we and our members can offer you a full UK wide service. You need never be stuck on holiday with a fault again. Click here for more information.

The importance of staying ahead of the game is just as important in your mobile living quarters as it is at home, there is nothing more depressing than having a problem with your pride and joy whilst you are coming, going, or on your holidays and breaks, we know!

The answer we found is to regularly check, maintain, and if necessary repair anything that presents itself as a problem, or potential problem. We found that the pre season check nearly always revealed a "little something", and the benefits of catching things before they become a problem, has been a lesson well learned.

So if you require any of our services, please let us know, for further information please browse the site and use the contact page.

Forest Caravan Services
Forest Caravan Services Workshops

Forest Caravan Services can provide workshop facilities for the type of work requiring those facilities, insurance quotes and repairs, major structure work, or just the inaccessible type of job that needs the use of workshop equipment.

We also provide free of charge to our customers use of the CL adjacent to the workshop facilities.The CL has recently been upgraded with electric hookup's and if you do require this additional facility then there will be a small charge currently £5 per night.

The Bumbles CL ( Look under Worcestershire, Bewdley, Page 481 of the current Caravan Club Sites Directory & Handbook.) is a superb site with open views nearly all round, quiet, peaceful, adjacent to footpaths connecting to the Worcestershire way, whilst being within a few miles of Kidderminster and the Severn river market town of Bewdley, and the historic canal town of Stourport, the only town in the UK that was developed as a result of the canal system.

So if you are either from within the area or visiting from elsewhere, why not combine your Caravans needs with a short 2 night break.

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